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"An absolutely fascinating road trip populated by real and endlessly interesting people.  First rate."
– Wade Major, DigiGods

"A valuable first-hand account... Fascinating"
– John Nesbitt, Old School Reviews

"[An] amazing effort... Entertaining and eccentric"
–  Phil Hall, Video Librarian Magazine

"An intimate portrayal of a social movement... Revealing insights"
– Robert Zverina, Carbusters Magazine

"Engaging... Enjoyable"
– Katie Morris, Film Monthly

"An affecting, effective piece of documentary filmmaking... Wonderful"
– Rod Amis,

"Relevant as both history and inspiration"
– Brad Quartuccio, Urban Velo

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A bicycle caravan -- with the theme, "Money or Life" -- travels 500 miles across Europe to join protests in Prague against the International Monetary Fund and World Bank.  The goal is to create a mobile utopian community which will be a living counter-example to the values of these powerful financial institutions.  The landscape is beautiful, and bicycles possess their own poetry.  But it's not always easy functioning without money.  The authorities have their own ideas about policing the intersection of utopia and everyday life.  And should the caravan succeed in getting to Prague, there's the matter of shutting down the World Bank/IMF meeting...

Caravan/Prague, a feature-length documentary, is a first-hand account of this journey and the historic 2000 Prague protests.  Filmmaker Zack Winestine rode the entire trip with the caravan, filming from his bicycle as events unfolded.  He recounts his hopes, fears, and questions, conveying the experience of participating in a community trying to bring about change that is both visionary and concrete.

DVD extras include an extended scene, trailer, and a DVD-Rom feature with extensive information about economic globalization.  Also included is Quebec: At the Wall, a short film about the 2001 FTAA protests in Quebec City.

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Caravan/Prague Trailer:

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Caravan/Prague REVIEWS

CityCyclist Magazine INTERVIEW with Zack Winestine
The House Next Door INTER\/IEW with Zack Winestine (NYT critic Matt Zoller Seitz's website)

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Complete list of DVD EXTRAS
About the short film included on the DVD: QUEBEC: AT THE WALL
Caravan/Prague FLYER (pdf) - let people know about the film!  (or download a Word version that you can use to advertise a screening)
Caravan/Prague POSTER
HERO BIKE meets tragic end!

76 minutes, NTSC, Stereo, Color, Region-free Dual-layer DVD-9, Full screen (1:1.33 aspect ratio)
Note: This DVD will sound best if all Audio DRC (dynamic range control) options are turned OFF on playback equipment - even light dynamic compression seems to have a more noticeable (and more negative) effect on this DVD than is usually the case.

To contact filmmaker, please send email to: webmaster {at) statesofcontrol [dot] com

Cinema Libre Studio - distributor of Caravan/Prague
Caravan Diary - a diary from another Caravan participant, with maps and photos (in German)

Howls for Guy Debord (pdf) - an article from the Summer 2009 issue of Film Quarterly by Zack Winestine about some rather interesting things that happened at the first "official" US screening of Debord's Hurlements en faveur de Sade.  A somewhat different take on these events can be found here.
States of Control - a feature film by Zack Winestine

Sources for more information on IMF/World Bank and Globalization issues:

TAKE ACTION: Stop the Colombia Free Trade Agreement!
50 Years is Enough
Jubilee USA
Bank Information Center
International Forum on Globalization
Public Citizen's Global Trade Watch
Focus on the Global South
Third World Network

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